Multi pronged services under one roof

Since 1983, Ad Ideas is one of the pioneers in providing outdoor advertising and publicity solutions throughout India. We are one of the kind multispecialty promotion and publicity service providers offering most exceptional advertising/printing & fabrication services.

The company is managed by Mr. Atul Dalmia assistad by young gun Mr. Mridul Dalmia, who are running the organization with a set of experienced and professional team members and resources. We help your business reach the right target audience with our 35 years of vast expertise in the innovative advertising. We strongly believe in the motto ‘release your potential’ since we undermine your requirement and provide business solution that matters by identifying the right media which will benefit your brand in the long run.

Our strong foothold in the OOH media industry has made us the proven experts. We have emerged as pioneers through targeted advertising solutions in the outdoor advertising industry.

In today’s ultra competitive world, every business strives to achieve the best and this is possible only through a distinct outlook which differentiates you from your competitors. You can be a businessmen/trader/manufacturer, whenever you strive to seek out catchy advertisement solutions; we are the name you can bank upon. We undertake the responsibility of transforming your imagination into reality and transforming your dreams to reality and give them a new shape.

We have a diverse portfolio of products ranging from all types of ATL/BTL/TTL/Digital Advertising/printing, cutting & fabrication solutions.

We are the artists and we make your fairytale come true through be spoken advertising solutions which involves ideating the strategies and creating campaigns that influences your target audience to buy the product. As a multi-solution provider, we ensure that a long-lasting relationship is created between the businesses and their consumers by providing their products/services the exposure that really matters at different levels.

We channelize the available resources and services to the maximum through supremely focused and efficiently built strategies. We take your brand’s reputation to a higher level through 360 degrees publicity and promotional services.

Our unique showroom cum studio at our very own Ad Ideas House will expose you with multiple types of medias which you can explore live and you can also interact with our professional team to learn more about the diversified aspects of these mediums. We offer 360 degree branding solution hence ensuring your brand’s visibility is enhanced in the market and also your brand gets the maximum reach within minimum budget.

We have spread our horizons across India with our branch offices in cities like Delhi/Mumbai/Pune/BBSR/Kanpur therefore ensuring we can cater your needs on PAN India basis. We are a multi-prolonged solution provider hence ensuring all your advertising and printing solutions are fulfilled under one roof.